Books, music, meaningful and fun-filled conversations… are what I look forward to in a day… the first sip of strong hot black coffee is an absolute essential to kick start my day… I’m 38. And I say that only because my interest in cooking has steamed up (so to speak :)) only over the last year. I have begun to love indulging in different cuisines and creating a confluence (if I can use that word here!) that suits the Indian palate. But more often than not I go back to traditional Indian cooking. Try to recreate tastes I’ve long since forgotten. Tastes that come back as sudden reminders of memories you never knew existed.

I was born in Nasik (when Nasik was Nasik and not Nashik) and brought up in Bombay (when Bombay was Bombay and not Mumbai) and then moved to Bangalore where I’m currently living my final phase of life. The possibility of geographical movement is bleak though intrinsically desired 🙂

Well… I guess I’ll add bits and pieces in time. But till then… hope you find something here that will work for you… but if you burn your fingers or more so your dish… you are not alone… there are whole lot of lousy cooks who can cook darn well!


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